Upcoming Events
Smyrna Town Board Meeting: December 14, 2021 :: (Next Month: January 11, 2022)
Smyrna Village Board Meeting: December 21, 2021 :: (Next Month: January 18, 2022)
Smyrna Town Court Dates (6:30 PM): December 02, 2021 and December 16, 2021
ADA Night (6:30 PM): Specific dates will be announced when available.

Around the Town

Smyrna Highway Department Hauls Tree from Village
Earlier this year, the Village of Smyrna decided to take action and remove a towering, old Maple that had been dead for many years. This large, rotting tree located on the corner of Academy Street and Route 20 was a potential danger to anyone passing by. The Village hired a contractor to safely take the tree down. Working closely with the Village, the Highway Department used their equipment and skills to remove and dispose of the huge remnants.
A job well done by all!